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Safe City is justifiably proud of its new super strong CCTV camera that keeps a watchful eye on the city from the top of the Natalia building. The camera is equipped with a new Metham Aviation Design slow speed head that allows for the 660 mm x 2 tele extender lens with image stabilizer to be deployed more effectively. “With the previous camera, we couldn’t zoom in fully and follow an object because the camera turned too fast resulting in a blur,” said Safe City general manager Lucas Holtzhausen. “Now, the more we zoom in, the slower the camera head pans,” he said. The new technology also allows for vehicles to be tracked that travel on the N3 bypass from Liberty Mall to the Market street of ramp. According to Holtzhausen, this is a first in South African street surveillance. 

First appeared in Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business e-BiZ Blitz


“...the new slow speed head is now fully operational on Natalia. The result is phenomenal. I would estimate that we now have 60% more use of the camera compared to the previous camera. Fully zoomed in, we can now follow persons walking or vehicles driving even beyond Liberty Mall, something we could not do in the past...”

Safe City general manager, Lucas Holtzhausen from an email to Safe City directors and others.

Safe City makes slow progress

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