A1 A head in stainless steel A1

Available in three sizes, MAD IP68 rated pan and tilts have, over the years, established an enviable reputation for robust quality and reliability.

Already successfully installed in some of the severest conditions nature can throw at them, the addition of a 316 stainless steel version of the Topper medium duty pan and tilt broadens the range’s capability into highly corrosive and ‘clean’ environments such as marine and food and chemical processing.
It also look fantastic!

Capable of carrying 16kg over the top and 25kg on the side, with the exception of the stainless steel casing (and therefore weight), specification is identical to the die cast aluminium clad Topper. It is also available as a continuous rotation unit.

316 stainless steel versions of the heavy duty Homburg and light duty Bowler are also in the pipeline.

Compatible with all our pan and tilts, we also offer three sizes of traditional design IP66 environmental housings plus accessories for a complete quality front end solution.

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